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    The average chance of surviving a Cardiac Arrest in the UK is 6%. If you can defibrillate the casualty within 3 minutes the chance of survival can rocket up to 74%. Having a defibrillator is an investment! Ensuring that when it's called for its quickly put to use and the procedure is second nature to the first aiders in the work will pay dividends.

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    Not only are we an HSE Defined First Aid at Work provider but we also provide Anaphylaxis Training for Healthcare and non-Healthcare Professionals. We also provide Fire Warden/Marshal Training, Fire Awareness & Fire Extinguisher Training. We also Provide Audiometry & Spirometry Training Courses.

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HSE Defined 3 Day First Aid

The 3 day First Aid at Work course has content defined by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)in the L74 Regulations and guidance. This comprehensive course is geared to ensuring first aiders are well equipped to help save lives and stop situations leading to minor injuries becoming long term issues. This UK qualification is valid for 3 years can be maintained on the 2 day course.


HSE 2 day Refresher First Aid

The 2 day HSE Defined First Aid at Work re-qualification course is the course to enable first aiders to remain a first aiders in the workplace in accordance with the HSE's Approved Code of Practice. To keep you and your team safe and unto-date we will notify you of forthcoming expiry before the First Aid at Work Albacare have provided expires and your qualification is no longer valid.


1 day Emergency First Aid at Work

This 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course replaced the Appointed Person course in 2009 by the HSE and is designed to ensure that a workplace that may be low risk or consist of fewer casualties. This qualification is valid for 3 years and is re-qualified by re-sitting the same 6 hour Emergency First Aid at Work course. Come along to our training facility in Bathgate, West Lothian.


4 Hour Defibrillation Training

This course is designed to ensure those who have defibrillator on site are prepared for dealing with a cardiac arrest and acting swiftly and technically correct. We concentrate on ensuring that when a person's chance of survival is reducing by 10%-14% per minute people are able to revert to training and give a structured response to a person in cardiac arrest.


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